Witch’s Dew

After making my Book of Spells I decided to “spookify” a imagefew other things, including LooHoo’s empty soft drink can.  This was a lot of fun and all the supplies I had on hand.  I hope you like it!


1 empty soft drink can

A small piece of burlap

Thumb tacks

Hot glue


Nail polish

Pepper (ha!  Didn’t expect that one, huh?)

A foam sheet


Hot glue gun


Step 1

  • Clean the inside of the can and dry.  This doesn’t seem like a big deal until you wake up some morning and find a bunch of ants in your house… so if you don’t clean out the can, don’t go blaming me for that!
  • Glue the burlap onto the can using your favourite adhesive, I used hot glue.  Don’t, I repeat, DO NOT make it perfect.  That’s what makes this project so cool and interesting.  On my first attempt, I did not put the burlap high enough so I ended up adding a strip to the top, you can see this below in Image 3..
  •  I added several rows of foam sheets to the top and the bottom of the can.
  • Next I painted the top of the can with gray acrylic paint. Actually, if you want to know the truth, and you probably do, I used white acrylic paint with a drop of black.
  • Now, I already had it in my head that I wanted this to look kind of creepy so I decided that I needed to add some pepper to the top of my can.
  • Finally, I added some thumbtacks because, well, it needed it.

Step 2

  • With this project, like so many of my others, I used a little bottle of that craft paint that you find at the dollar store, Walmart, wherever. I painted the entire can black and let it dry. Then I took some of the leftover gray paint that I made and dry brushed.
  • I also wanted the can to look a little messy so I added hot glue to the top and let it drip down the sides.
  • I then painted the hot glue with about three different shades of glitter nail polish until I got the look I wanted.

Alrighty, that wasn’t so bad was it? The main thing with this project is to have fun!  You will be amazed at how good your can looks once it is painted.

Have fun!

Terrie 🙂

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  1. Are you SURE you aren’t a witch? (g) Incredible creativeness! I’m glad I found your site, and am now following on FB! I am definitely going to add this to the Spell Book! Thanks!

  2. Very inventive! So much room for adding your own creative touch. Thanks for sharing!

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