Today’s the day!!!

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Oh wow… I’m so excited!  Today’s the day I announce to the world that I have a website!  I’m kinda scared (actually a lot) and I really, really hope it is well received.  In my mind I hear the phone ringing and it’s Carol Duvall calling to congratulate me, someone’s at the door and it’s David Letterman (we share the same birthdate, he’s older) with a big box of flowers asking me if he can come out of retirement to interview me…  The reality is that I’m sitting here in my jimmies with Boomer at my side and he’s so excited he’s sleeping.  That’s okay… It’s still a big day!

Cousin Itt

So, to kick off my website I want to share a tutorial I wrote this week.  Meet Cousin Itt!  He’s the coolest member of the Addam’s family and here just in time for Halloween.  I’ve seen him on several sites but I haven’t been able to find a tutorial, just, “make use a tomato cage and grass skirts”.  If you’ve been looking, too, look no further!  Click his picture and it will take you to my step by step tutorial complete with colour pictures! (I know, right?  I spared no expense!)


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  1. Linda Champion

    This is awesome!!!

  2. Congrats….I just started selling baby items and it is totally scary, but it’s more scary and if you don’t start…I luv your “Hot Glue in my Coffee” theme. You’ll do wonderful??

  3. Susan Clifton

    I just love all of your posts and crafts! ? ? Can’t wait for more! Congratulations Terrie!

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