This is SO easy and the finished look is awesome.



Tissue Paper

White glue



Paint Brush



Prep work

  • Dilute the glue so that it is the consistency of milk.
  • Tear the tissue paper into manageable strips. (You will notice that the tissue will tear straighter in one direction that the other.)
  • Work outside or cover your inside work surface.

The technique

  • Working in small sections, paint the glue on the surface you want to cover.
  • Add a piece of tissue paper and paint over it with more glue.
  • Make sure to push out any air bubbles with the paint brushor, depending on how sloppy you are, hands.
  • Add another piece of tissue paper overlapping the first one.
  • Repeat a gazillion times… or several, depending on your project.
  • Allow to dry.


That’s it… almost too simple, huh?  I have used this treatment so many times and in different ways.  You can use it on a book cover like I did for our son’s sketchbook for Christmas last year.

Our son, Jamie, & LooHoo
Our son, Jamie, & LooHoo

For Jamie’s I covered a Phoenix that I took off of a cheapie dollar store shield and it made a great gift.  LooHoo’s was a piece of leftover faux tin from our backsplash.


You will find all sorts of other crafts that I have used it on here on my website.  Give it a try, it’s inexpensive, easy and somehow, therapeutic.


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