imageI always loved having coasters but now that I have pretty furniture I am finally using them.  Having made and used these for so long I feel comfortable in giving them as gifts.  Who doesn’t need a pretty set of coasters, I ask you!?
There are lots of tutorials on the Internet for tile coasters but I promise you this one is tried-and-true. The coaster in the picture is at least four years old and has never been sealed.  I know, I like living on the edge… care to join me?



4″x4″ porous (not shiny) tiles such as marble, slate, limestone

Permanent Ink Pad

Really cool stamps

Rubber feet

Super glue



This is so simple it doesn’t seem real…

  1. Rinse the tiles with water and dry
  2. Select your stamp(s) (the hardest part)
  3. Stamp a piece of paper so that you can tell if you need to press down harder…
  4. Stamp your tile!
  5. To add the rubber feet, which do have an adhesive backing, put a drop of super glue then place the foot.
  6. Ummm… that’s it… seriously… I promise…




  • I buy the majority of my tiles at Home Depot.  They have a good selection and normally cost around .45 a tile.  I have scored some on clearance before and paid as little as .15 a tile.  Check local home improvement stores and sometimes even thrift and ReStores will have a few.
  • Yes, the super glue is necessary, I am crushed that you would even ask!  🙁
    Not these rubber feet, tried em, they don't work.
    Not these rubber feet, tried ’em, they don’t work.

    After adding the drop of super glue the feet stayed on for the life of the coaster which is about 4 years and counting at the time of this tutorial.

  • No… you absolutely do NOT have to seal the tiles if you use a porous tile.  I promise, I may lie about my age, weight and/or calorie intake in a heartbeat but never about crafting!  The secret is the ink I use, it’s called StazOn and it works.  No, they don’t pay me to say that, yes, I would accept their money to do so because it does work.  You can find it at most craft stores and it comes in a lot of different colours. The price may seem intimidating but with a 40% off coupon and the tons of coasters you will make it is very affordable. 😉



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