During my time here in Ontario, Canada I have met a lot of interesting people, one of those being “the Monster Guy” in Elora.  Tim loves Halloween as much as I do and I was a huge fan of his monsters long before I met and worked with him.

Tim Murton
Tim Murton

He and his monsters are very popular in this area and all over North America.  In late September and through October they stand guard in front of local businesses in Elora and amaze children up to age 92.  A few years ago he was interviewed by Martha Stewart on one of her Halloween shows, yeah, pretty cool, huh?  It’s nice when she showcases such truly talented people.


Swimming in the Grand River – Elora, Ontario








His monsters are amazing for several reasons.  He creates a form out of wire and then covers the form in chicken wire.   Some people would stop at that point of the process and be completely content, I know I would if I got that far!  At this point, however, he takes the monster up a notch and covers it with several layers of tissue paper and white glue.  Yes, the same tissue paper that you put in a gift bag that is thin and flimsy.  Yes, white glue, aka “school glue” that you ate in school, don’t try to deny it, we all did it at least once.  It must not last, you say?  Oh, you said it, I heard you!  I’m here to tell you that it lasts amazingly well!  This part of Ontario can have some pretty brutal Octobers, including rain, wind, snow and ICE.  Some of them actually spend time IN the Grand River and they survive with their tissue paper bodies intact.  Click here for the Tissue Treatment Tutorial.


Every year or so the monsters get a fresh coat or two of tissue paper and glue and they are good to go.  Of course, it helps that these are for Halloween because, with age, they acquire rust and tears.  Each new sign of maturity makes them even more interesting and spooky.










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