11220140_378082775735870_4796829977030965819_nThe 80s crafter was totally rad!  They were the first generation to become familiar with the hot glue gun and still have the scars to prove it.  Forget the dull earth tones of the previous decade, the 80s crafter went from slate blue and peach to florescent green, yellow and pink!

What was your gnarly craft of choice?

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  1. Andi Cacciatore

    First of all, thank you for making me laugh out loud at your great sense of humor! I saw your post on FB tonight and have been reading your posts on here since then.
    I began crafting in the eighties in earnest for survival as a single mom. I had always been a DIYer, but needed a way to make a birthday present for a neighborhood kids party and with no money to spend. I decided to try to make a salt bread dough sculpture of Strawberry Shortcake and the birthday girl’s name, painted each baked piece, then glued it all on a piece of wood after I had rounded the ends off on top of my kitchen stool with a jig saw. I added some bread dough strawberries, what would become my signature bee, polyeurathaned the heck out of it, and when the fumes subsided, wrapped it up. Every parent at that party demanded to know where I had gotten it and as soon as I told them I had made it, I had orders for my bread dough plaques for all the kids in all the popular cartoon characters. Unfortunately, in the south Florida humidity, bread dough will not last long. If polymer clay had been around then, today I would be rich! Lol!

  2. storys like this is what keeps bring me back

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