This craft does two things, it makes a cute ghost decoration AND gives a stray sock another chance at life.

I have seen these on the Internet and I have to tell you, being a stickler for the mechanics of a craft, they sucked.  Unlike those other lousy excuses for sock ghosts this one will actually stand up on his own.  Also, he won’t lose his shape over time like most socks do.  

So… what are we waiting for?  Let’s get busy!




1 Sock

Plastic bag


Rubberband or string



Glue Gun



Sense of Humour


Step 1

Acquisition and selection of the sock

-You need one sock unless you plan to mass produce sock ghosts.  Head to the area of your home where the stray socks live, usually near the dryer.  If you don’t have a stray sock, one must be created.  Wash a load of socks.  I can almost guarantee you will find at least one sock to use for this craft.

-It is easier to use a white, black or grey sock but who am I to stop you from using any colour you choose.  If your ghost has polka dots, so be it.  I have a zebra print pumpkin, maybe they can hang out sometime.


Step 2

Ghost guts

-Wrap a piece of newspaper around a rock and put it inside a plastic bag.  (Image 1)  Add at least one wadded up newspaper for a head.  I am not going to tell you how to make your ghost look because I think all ghosts look different.  Look at Casper and his buddies, all different, so who am I to try to change that?

-When you get the shape you want, bring the plastic bag up and around the body and secure it.  (Image 2)


Step 3

The Body

-Cut the sock as shown in Image 3.

-Flip it wrong side out and wrap a rubber band around the top and have a cat walk by it.   (Image 4)

-Turn the sock right side out and put the ghost body in head first.

-For the bottom of the ghost (Image 5), so that he stands up properly, don’t just wad up the bottom.  Carefully glue the top and bottom so that they meet (Image 6) and then the sides on top of them


Step 4

Ghost skin

This is what we’re going to do so that our ghosts don’t lose their shape over time.  You’re welcome.

-Combine one part paint to one part white glue. (Image 7)

-Set the ghost upside down in a glass or bowl and paint the bottom half.  Allow to dry.  Repeat.

-Paint the top half of the ghost.  Allow to dry.  Repeat.

note: I painted Boo with white paint that I added a drop of black paint and mixed well.  For my second coat I used all white, this gave him some dimension and look even more special.  (Images 8 & 9)


Step 5

The face

The face can be made several ways.  Two options, it can be simply painted (Image 10) or cut out black felt or fabric for the eyes and mouth, I have done both.  The felt or fabric can be glued on after painting the sock.



Click on the images below to get a closer look



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