I have a real problem with making a craft and someone saying, “Oh, I saw that at ____”  The blank could be “the dollar store” or “Michaels”.  Okay, I got this platter
at the dollar store and I love it BUT I didn’t want it to be another “fill in the blank” craft.  This would require creativity, originality, it would need STUFF!  Just because it was a whole dollar doesn’t mean it has to look like a dollar, am I right?  If I couldn’t make it look like it came from a high end retail store then, at the very least, I would like to make it look like it didn’t come from a dollar store.  Thus began my mission.



Plastic Halloween platter

Tissue paper

White glue (diluted to the consistency of milk)


Plastic critters (I used a spider, snake and fly)

Plastic skull

3 straight pins

Paint (red, white & black acrylic)

3″x 3″ square of floral foam used for SILK flowers

Hot Glue

Serrated knife



Glue Gun

Sponge paintbrush

Plate (to mix paint)


Step 1

Preparing the platter

  • You don’t have to but I cut the back of the skull off so that he would look like he was sticking out of the platter.  I used a serrated knife and it was pretty easy!
  • Remove the brain, if there is one, and make a Brain in a Jar.  (there’s a shameless plug if I ever saw one)
  • Position the skull on the charger where you want it and place the piece of floral foam to where the top of the skull will rest on it.
  • Hot glue the floral foam into place and have your cat check it out to make sure you did it correctly.
  • Apply a generous amount of hot glue where the top of the skull will rest.
  • Call your cat back in the room to make sure this, too, has been done correctly.

Step 2


Start this step by applying glue to the skull and the platter around the skull.  Add strips of newspaper so that they cover any gaps between the skull and platter.  (click on that picture below and it’ll get bigger and you can see what I’m talking about)

Step 3

Adding dimension and texture to the platter

  • You’re going to need to check out my Tissue Treatment for this step except we’re going to shake things up a bit.  I added a few drops of black paint to my glue and water and I started out with a black platter!  Depending on the colours you are using, add a few drops of your darkest colour to the glue and water.  It will save you painting a base coat later!
  • After you have covered the entire front side of the platter, add a few goodies.  I added a plastic spider, snake, fly, 3 straight pins (Image 10) and some wadded up tissue paper (Image 6).  To add them, lay them where they want to live and apply a piece of tissue paper on top of them so that they will stay put.

NOTE:  As you can see with the spider, imageI didn’t cover him entirely with tissue because I wanted a creepy look.  I did, however, hot glue his tummy to the platter.  It was kinda sad, actually, I had no idea that spiders could holler!  (lighten up, spider lovers, it’s a joke)




Step 4

Paint that sucker already!!!

I get in trouble because I don’t explain how I paint my crafts.  First and foremost, I am not, I repeat NOT a painter or artist.  I just paint stuff until I like it.  Period.  So… here’s what I did…

  • Cover the entire platter with red paint
  • I then added white in the areas shown in Image 1
  • Next, I added a few drops of black paint to some white paint and made grey… I know, sheer brilliance, right?

OH!!! I almost forgot, I MADE A VIDEO!!!  It’s pretty short and everyone keeps their clothes on so don’t get too excited.  It just shows you how I added the little lines and also how I slapped that paint on the platter.  Click here for my first video ever!!!

Okay, where were we?  Oh yeah…

  • In Images 2, 3 & 4 you can see I slapped on some grey paint in areas.
  • In Image 5 I got all fancy and added some sharp lines.  I figured out how to do this when I dropped my little sponge paint brush and it made that mark.. I tried to tell you before, I’m NOT an artist, this proves it.
  • In Image 6 I added a touch more white paint (or lighter grey) and I dry brushed it on.  I love doing this because the wrinkles in the tissue and the three dimensional objects really stand out.
  • OH!  Check this out!  In Image 7, I covered the eyes of the skull with tissue so that he looked different and less like a dollar platter.  I covered the mouth on another skull.
  • Image 8 shows that nasty fly… I love how he turned out, he looks kinda mouldy!
  • And finally, in Image 9, I wadded up a tissue ball and stuck it in the eye socket of the skull then added some tissue over it to hold it into place… It helps the skull look more unique than the rest of the dollar store skulls, don’t you think?  Looks like a dried up eyeball if you ask me!

Now, let me point out right now that I did NOT use any kind of expensive or fancy paint. I buy most of my paint at the dollar store or Walmart.  It comes in those little bottles in the craft section and has the exact same finish as chalk paint!!!  (You’re welcome)  Also, it’s cheap so if you don’t like the way your craft turns out, it’s paint… repaint it!  You will have your own techniques in no time. 🙂


There you have it!  It really looks great in person and if y’all want to y’all can come over and check it out.  Happy Halloween!







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