Rome wasn’t build in a day & neither was a website

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It’s getting closer!  Oh, our big move?  Yes, that too but I was talking about launching this website!  I guess I should make myself more clear because there’s lots of stuff going on in my life at the moment!

I guess number one should be that we’re making a HUGE more from Fergus, Ontario to Tulsa, Oklahoma.  That’s a pretty big deal right there.  I am from Oklahoma and our master plan has always been to more there after our children left the nest.  We have finally sold our house here in Ontario and close on the 30th of October.  Now, my helpful husband feels that I should be spending my time packing because we are leaving in 43 days.  I look at it like, we’re moving in 43 days, what’s the big rush???  I have a website to launch!!!

Which brings me to the other big event in my life that I’m excited about and that’s launching this website!  =insert a big “WOOHOO” and confetti being thrown here=  This is something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while and had it not been for my helpful husband and a few pushy friends, would have probably never happened.  Just like my crafts, this sucker is my creation and I want it to look good and, of course, for people to like it.  Never mind that there are over one billion websites, there is only one that I am concerned with at the moment.  Okay, maybe two, I can’t forget Facebook.  Make that three, Google.  Okay, I am concerned about more than one but don’t get technical on me!

My brain hurts from trying to be creative AND technical at the same time.  I know what I want the website to look like and what I want it to do but getting that to happen is not that simple.  I drop and click and move and edit and sometimes I want to throw my coffee cup at my monitor but that won’t help.  It’s like drying your hair in the shower, sure it sounds doable but you know that’s it’s not the greatest plan you’ve ever had.

So, that’s why I am up at 4:22am typing in the dark while trying to keep Boomer, our cat, from chewing the power cord on my computer.  It would be nice to have more that three tutorials and a handful of graphics to share in case someone does accidentally end up here.  Oh, and a few ramblings of a mad woman, let’s not forget the whole blog thing!  Since I brought that up… I guess it’s not a good idea, after spending money on this venture, to bring up the fact that I started and never got past page three of countless numbers of diaries and journals in my life.  I mean, that IS what a blog is, right?  A log on the web?  Log meaning journal and web meaning the www?  I think it best that we keep this post between you and me because, after all, I should be packing according to SOME people…




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  1. I can’t wait for you to move, 10 hours away is much better than 30!! Dad’s probably right though, you don’t want it to be a week before you move and have the entire house left to pack up!

  2. Ummm… with Christmas right around the corner do you really want to side with Dad on this one?!?!

    • I’m just saying! I know how hard that move can be, it’s stressful enough with out having to worry about what still needs to be packed!

  3. Tish Smiddy

    i’m siding with Amy on this one

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