I have admired these for a long time but I don’t have a soldering gun and given my track record with a glue gun, didn’t feel that I needed one.  Fortunately I didn’t give up and here is what I came up with.

I am going to give you my tips first.  Please read through all the steps before you start the project. 🙂



  • I normally use plain white glue but I feel that Mod Podge is a better choice for this project.  No, they haven’t bought me out, yes, I promise.
  • The same thing with the glue I used.  On my jewelry projects I always use E6000.  It has never failed me and no, they they don’t own me.
  • Unlike the real deal, I would treat these like costume jewelry.  Don’t wear them in the shower, to bed, etc.












Pretty paper: scrapbook, magazine, pages from a book, etc.
Mod Podge – Gloss
Chunk of a broken plate (I’m not responsible for your personal injury)
Eye hook (check the Jewelry Findings section of your craft store)
Jump ring (see above)
Clear nail polish
Real fake pearls, diamonds, etc.
Aluminum foil (the lightweight works better)
Good quality all purpose glue

Writing utensil
Flat tip paint brush (orange works really well)
Small pliers
Fingers (yours and/or someone else’s)

Step 1
Gather up your glue, paint brush, chunk o’ plate and pretty paper

Step 2
Trace an outline of your chunk o’ plate onto your pretty paper

Step 3
Cut it out and brush on a generous amount of Mod Podge Gloss and allow to dry

Step 4
Repeat step 2 on the back side of your chunk o’ plate

Step 5
Gather up your pliers, eye hook and jump ring

Step 6
With a good, all purpose glue, adhere the eye hook to the back of the chunk o’ plate, allow to set.  I use E6000 on most my jewelry.

Step 7
Apply a coat of Mod Podge Gloss to the back

Step 8
Repeat Step 7 on the front of your chunk o’ plate

Step 9
Cut a strip of aluminum foil that is long enough to go around the outside of your chunk o’ plate, which hereinafter shall be known as your pendant

Step 10
Brush Mod Podge Gloss on to the edges of your pendant

Step 11
Hold your pendant face up and starting at the top and to the right of the eye hook, press the center of the foil (dull side down) onto the edges.

Step 12
Carefully fold over the foil on the front and back of your pendant

Step 13
On the face of your pendant, apply Mod Podge Gloss to the underside and then top of the foil. Do the same to the back of your pendant. Allow to dry while sitting on top of the nail polish. (No, I’m not being a smarty pants! It needs to rest on something that won’t touch the wet glue on the edges. I forgive you and you’re welcome for the tip!)

Step 14
Embellish your pendant as you see fit. I used real fake pearls that I found in the real fake pearl aisle of one of our finer local dollar stores. (My Jeweler that I normally buy my precious stones from was on vacation.)

Step 15
Apply a coat of clear nail polish to the fronts do on top of your embellishments. Allow the front to dry and then apply a coat to the back of your pendant. (In total I applied two coats to each side.)

Step 16 & 17
Using the pliers, twist the eye hook open from left to right NOT up and down. Add the jump ring and close the eye hook.

Step 18
Depending on the time of day, pour yourself a nice cup of coffee or adult beverage and make a list of friends you want to make pendants for gifts.

Step 19
Send me a note praising my crafting abilities and willingness to share them.

Step 20
There is no Step 20, go make one of these! 😉



Click on the pictures to make them larger.  No, you’re not going blind!


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