A picture is worth a thousand words so let’s make sure those words are good ones!

Part of the excitement of making something yourself is sharing it with others.  Thanks to the internet we can easily do that in seconds without having to get dressed, clean our house or invite people over.  I belong to several Facebook craft groups where we love to share pictures our crafts.  It’s always fun seeing what other crafters are making and being able to answer questions when they get stumped.  Along the way I have learned how to take pictures of crafts that only takes a few minutes, is very inexpensive and looks so much nicer.

Here is a perfect example of a common craft picture.  This crafter has made two Halloween crafts and wants to share them with her friends.


Now, this is what she sees.  She doesn’t notice all the clutter, she sees the crafts.



This is how others see her picture and what they are thinking. They can’t help it, it’s human nature, we’re curious!

So, how do we fix this?  Simple, and it will only cost you around $1.00!  

Step 1
First and foremost, lighting is very important!  Turn on every light in the room and make sure your items look good.
Step 2
Take two pieces of white poster board and put them on a flat surface.  I have found that my stove is a great place to use because of the light under the microwave but you can also use a chair.  Put one piece of poster board behind the crafts, use a piece of tape to help is stay in place.  (see images below)
Step 3
Next, slip the second piece of poster board the underneath other one for the crafts to sit on.  Most of my crafts only require one piece of poster board bent NOT FOLDED in half.  My kitchen happened to be clean but it doesn’t matter because once the picture is taken it won’t be seen.
Step 4
Last, crop your picture so that all you see is the crafts and the white background.  This is the final picture after it has been cropped.  No more clutter, the white background makes my crafts, I mean HER crafts stand out and she can store the poster board behind a piece of furniture until she’s ready to take more craft pictures.


This is the easiest way to photograph crafts.  
You can also use this technique for taking pictures of items you’re trying to sell.
When those items stand out and look their best  you can get top dollar for them!

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  1. I really enjoy seeing crafts and how to do make them. I enjoy the craft association but they seldom give out the directions on how to make whatever they have posted! Which is the reason why when you have something you always post it or tell us where to go to get the directions. Thank you?

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