This is a fast and easy banner that has so many possibilities!

This banner is so simple and can most likely be made with items you already have onhand!
This banner is so simple and can most likely be made with items you already have onhand!

Make them for birthdays, holidays or just for fun because they are very budget friendly!


Paper Plates

Something to connect them:

Ribbon, jute, string, wire, yarn, string, to the elastic out of your panties…





Something to make a hole or slit with:

Hole punch, pen knife, razor blade, shot gun…












Step 1:

Decide what shape to make

This might be the hardest part of this whole project!  Here are a few shapes that I came up with.  Have some fun and use more than one shape, live a little, let down your hair, you know you want to!











Step 2:


Start drawing and cutting!

Using a piece of cardboard or some sort of heavy paper, draw the shape and cut it out.

Use this to trace the shape on to the back of the paper plate.

By doing this on the back of the plate you won’t see any lines once you are finished cutting out the shape.  Use scissors to cut out the shape.  My triangles in the picture above are 6″ on each side and using eight paper plates my finished banner measures a little over four feet long.  Whew, I hate math, that was tough!














13521046_10157107087285581_396676410_nStep 3:

Almost done, now…

You’ll need a hole or slit to run the ribbon, jute, string, wire, yarn, strings, or the elastic out of your panties through.  Make a hole or slit with a hole punch, pen knife, razor blade or shot gun as shown in the picture.  Join the pieces of the banner together so that the pretty side faces the front and leaving enough ribbon to tie or pin the ends to the wall, mantle, porch, doorway, etc.








Step 4:13493267_10157105312760581_645427185_o

Doll it up!

I used coloured wire I picked up at Wally World for $1 and then tied a piece of ribbon between the two banner pieces.  The wire is supper easy to bend and play with so I twisted little round circles between each banner piece.  For fun and to break the rules, I strung the wire in the front because it’s too cute to hide!











And that’s that!  Hindsight is always 20/20 and after making my banner I realized that curling ribbon would be a very fun and inexpensive to use for this project.  What other materials can you see working well with this project?  Do you see a party banner in your future?