Paper Plate Party Banner!

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I know, I know… it’s been awhile but check it out, a NEW, fun idea that costs very little and even the kiddos can help!

Am I forgiven yet?

I’ve seen a lot of banners and to be honest, I liked them but they all seemed a little time consuming or expensive.  The strips of fabric banners are fun but unless you’re using one for a wedding backdrop, what do you do with them?  Parties, on the other hand, are a great place to use banners but again, the expense can be questionable for a one-time look.  Are you with me on this?

So… I’m standing at my local Wally World a few weeks back and looking at all the July 4th decorations.  My helpful husband and I just finished renovations and moved in to our dream home a few months ago and I was feeling festive.  (you’re right, I was killing time to keep from unpacking boxes, but let’s go with the festive thought, shall we?!)  We have a big ole American Foursquare that is 99 years old and has a front porch to die for!  13493146_10157105705495581_806268764_o

See… am I right?  Any who, I was looking at a pretty cheap mylar banner and wondering how they get so wrinkled in that package when I had a thought… hey… I could make my own banner and not have to iron a tacky mylar banner!  That thought quickly faded as fast as I had it when I hit a creative roadblock on what material I would use to make it.  hmmm… oh well… what else did they have that was patriotic and fun… paper table cloths, nope, might rain and dissolve, next, flags, I have one, as you can plainly see… paper plates, those are cute… then it happened… two creative thoughts collided in my brain and became one!!!  Why not cut the pieces of the banner out of paper plates?!?!

411My head started spinning as I took a tighter hold of my basket… could I possibly… no, surely not… but wait, it sounded logical and easy and even budget friendly!!!  I’m pretty sure that smoke started seeping out of my ears due to my brain working overtime on this one idea.  I was either a genius with one of the greatest craft minds of all time or a big, dizzy goober standing in Wally World with smoky ears… either way, I grabbed a package of paper plates and continued to shop.  At the very least I would have blown a buck fifty and at the most I would be contacted to take over Martha Stewart’s show.  Count me IN!

Now, I don’t know how your creative mind works but mine is very mechanical.  I imagine what I want to make and immediately figure out the tools, supplies and the process of how to make it.  I would need some sort of string to join the cut out pieces together, which could be jute, yarn, ribbon, wire… tons of options!  I felt confident that I had all the supplies I would need if I bought the paper plates, which had already found themselves into my basket.

I hope you have as much fun making your party banners as I did.  The tutorial is pretty straight forward and you can doll it up as much as you want.  If you have children, include them in the fun, this is a project that they can’t do on their phone or tablet.


Click the pics below to see the tutorials:















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  1. These would look great with letters stenciled on them! Cute idea!

  2. Thank you for this wonderful article. This was truly a great read.

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