Out of Coffee

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This tragedy occurred a few weeks ago but I thought you might enjoy it all the same 🙂



We’re out of coffee.

It’s 7:00am on a Saturday and we’re out of coffee. People are dying, babies are being born, children are starving but I can’t be bothered because we’re out of coffee.

Coffee, also known as java, is usually a hot beverage that one drinks in the morning. It comes from beans and, in our house, anyway, contains caffeine. But on this morning our Kuerig remains cold and our coffee cups are clean. Why, you ask? Because we’re out of coffee.

I never drank coffee, also known as nectar of the gods, until about ten years ago. I looked at coffee drinkers in wonder, they were a strange group of individuals. Almost always adults, or adult wannabes, and they loved their hot drink. My own Mother always kept coffee brewing. The woman could drink an entire pot and take a nap. She was special like that. She would have never been in my current situation. She always had coffee.

Whenever I heard people say, “I need my coffee” it was nearly always over dramatic and worthy of an award. It was just a little extreme and I could never stop my eyes from rolling when I witnessed one of these performances. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my vices. I’ve needed a cigarette, I’ve needed ice cream, why would anyone need coffee? It just didn’t make sense until today, when we were out of coffee.

My morning drink was Coca Cola. Cold, strong, the first drink would make my my ears itch and my throat burn. That worked in Oklahoma where summers are long and hot and winters are wimpy. It was moving to Canada, where I was outnumbered, that my addiction began. I can remember driving by coffee shops and asking my Canadian husband, “What are all those cars in line for? What is that place”? He would reply solemnly, “It’s Tim Hortons… It’s a coffee shop”. This just didn’t make sense to me. “And they all want coffee”?! He never rolled his eyes at me or if he did, I didn’t notice because I was busy counting the cars. Maybe they were out of coffee.

Living in a place where the summers are short and the winters seem to last ten months, I suppose it was only normal that succumb to their ways. I started my addiction like a lot of people do, a social coffee drinker. I then worked up to the hard core I’ve-got-to-have-my-coffee drinker that I am today. “Did you know that caffeine is a drug”? One of our daughters asked me one morning. “There’s caffeine in chocolate, go to school”, I replied. When did I become this coffee drinker person?

I understand the need for coffee being as much an emotional need as a physical one. I am at a point in my life where I have been getting up earlier. It is always dark when I flip the kitchen light on and turn on the coffee pot. I make my coffee and add my Southern Pecan creamer and grab my iPad. I sit in the darkness checking out Facebook and sipping my coffee. It is hot, and rich and makes me feel safe and comfortable. It helps me wake up and it is familiar. It reminds me of my Mother and I love that. Except for this morning because we’re out of coffee.11890936_386093624934785_7363561144382237314_n

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  1. I can remember when Erin and I first tasted both you and dads coffee. We were at the boarder trying to get back into Canada, you and dad were talking to the evil boarded patrol so we decided to do a taste test… Dads was completely awful and yours tasted like heaven.

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