Tell us about your worst glue gun injury and

don’t leave out any of the gory details!

My my worst glue gun injury was one I witnessed happening to someone else.  I used to teach craft courses at a local college.  Two of my students, a 75ish Mom and her Daughter were regular students and so much fun.  The Mom was quite talented and the daughter was pretty.  Pretty what?  Just pretty… I’m trying to being nice!

Anyway… I was teaching a Christmas Garland class that entailed a lot of gluing. I always enjoyed seeing everyone’s glue guns because they can tell you a lot about their user.  Out-of-the-box new glue gun?  Newbie.  Mini Glue gun?  Can’t be taken serious… And so on.  This Mom had one of those black, 70s glue guns!  She wasn’t messing around!  If you’ve ever used one of those you know that they melt glue at the same temperature as molten hot lava.  Well…. the Mom accidentally dripped hot glue on her finger and instinctively stuck her finger, complete with the hot glue, in her mouth.  She didn’t have to say a word because her face said it all!  Not only did she have a blister on her finger but also on her bottom lip!  Yeeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww! 🙁