These are so easy to make it’s ridiculous but they look like you bought them at a high end candle shop.  Give them as gifts, decorate your own home, impress your friends and family, just don’t tell anyone you made them because they won’t believe you!



  • White Glue or Mod Podge
  • Wax Pillar Candle, new or used


  • Battery Operated Pillar Candle
  • Pretty napkins


  • Paint Brush
  • Scissors


Step 1

  • If your candle is new, unwrap it, if it is one that your sister has, clean it off with a damp paper towel.
  • Decide where you want your napkin to go on the candle and cut or tear out the design.  I tore my napkins at the top and I love the way it looks.  If you’re cutting them, measure and mark them so that they align properly in the back.
  • If your napkin is two ply, separate it into two pieces.  Discard the not pretty side.

Step 2

  • Apply a thin coat of white glue or Mod Podge.  I have used both and found no major difference in the mechanics.  Some crafters say that white glue tends to yellow or crack after awhile but I haven’t had this problem.
  • Working quickly place the napkin on your candle and tap our any air bubbles with your paint brush.  If your napkin tears, throw it away and grab another one.  It’s a napkin, don’t let it intimidate you, you are the boss of it, not the other way around.  Oh yeah, and it WILL be wrinkled, I promise, but I love the wrinkled look the older I get. 😉

Now where was I… oh yeah,

  • Once the napkin is in place, apply another coat of white glue or Mod Podge and set it aside to dry.


That’s it… I know, pretty easy, huh?  Here are a few more pointers and comments.

  • Will the napkin burn?

Well… probably, but if the flame reaches the napkin I think you have bigger worries than just the napkin burning.


  • I hate it!  Now I wasted a whole candle!

No you haven’t, you big baby!  Go to the sink and wash it off or wrap a wet a paper towel around it and the napkin and adhesive will unadhere.  Spell check says that “unadhere” isn’t a word but you and I both know what I mean. 😉


  • All my candles are in glass, will this treatment work on glass?

I am so glad you asked, it works and looks great on glass!  I used the gloss Mod Podge and I’d happily give it as a gift.  Mod Podge swears that it is “top dishwasher safe” however I’m still skeptical.  If you’re giving yours as a gift enclose a note that it should be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth and allowed to air dry.