noun plural but singular or plural in construction

me·chan·ics \mi-ˈka-niks\: a science that deals with physical energy and forces and their effect on objects

: the details about how something works or is done


Oh sure, I love a man in uniform with his name over his pocket as much as anyone, but I’m not talking about the fella that repairs your car… this time, anyway.

When talking about “mechanics” in the craft world, you’re talking about the way something is put together or built.  How many times have you made something and it looked great but for some reason it didn’t work?  Your pool noodle wreath looked awesome until it warped or the tape holding it together dried up and it opened like like the doors of K-Mart on Black Friday.  Or you put forth many hours making a Halloween prop only to find out is was top heavy and preferred scaring people while laying on its back.  These crafts lacked good mechanics, to have a good craft you must have good mechanics.  This happens with countless craft projects all over the internet but never my crafts.  Ever.


*Thank you,, for that most excellent definition of the word “Mechanics”.