I have been a woman on a mission… okay, so I always am but this time even more so.

My helpful husband and I were looking at lighting for our old house and man oh man is it ever expensive!  I did some research and learned that for our living room, which is 27’x13.5′, I needed a light fixture that was 40″ wide.  Apparently the light gods decided to determine the size of fixture you need you take the measurements of two walls and add them together, in our case, 27 = 13 and you get the answer.  Well… I am on a budget and I will tell you right here and now that I can’t afford that size!  We found several online that were north of $300 that I didn’t love and for that price if I don’t love it then I’m not getting it, period.

Now, I should have already pointed out that we are weeks from needing light fixtures, but once I get on a mission it’s best just to let me go on it until I complete it or give up.  My poor helpful husband learned this years ago so he just left me to do what I needed to do.  Did I mention that he is smart, too?  Well, he is…

The Pineapple Express

Since this is not the time of year for garage and estate sales I had to focus on what I could find online.  Hello, Craig, let me see your list.  I must say, I started scoring almost immediately!  Some of them need a little work but even if they didn’t I’m sure I will have to add my own personal touches…
I found this gem (on the left) for a whooping $50!  It is going over the table in our dining room will require a little paint but I am very happy.  Pineapples symbolize friendship and hospitality in the South and I have been looking for a way to incorporate them in our old house.  This light fixture will do that just fine, I believe!  I inherited our table from my parents.  It looks antique and is oval with a big pedestal and claw feet.  We have six chairs so I think it will be the perfect size as well as look.


The Big Behemoth aka One Honking Big Light

My next find was a doozie!  At $46.00 it was an amazing deal, what? Who asks $46 for something?  Well, it was $50 but I was a few dollars short… Any who, it is pretty substantial at 38″ tall x 32″ wide.  It is the leading contender for the living room at the moment and with 10′ ceilings I think we’ll be okay on the height.  I like that even though it is large it has a graceful elegance about it.








So, two rooms down and I have only spent $96!  But I was on a mission and the last time I checked I had more rooms that needed lights.


Kitchen Lights x 3

I carried on remembering that I had purchased three of these little gems for the kitchen from a neighbour.  They are from Ikea and were a little over half price at $25 each.  I see that they have dropped in price now but that’s okay, I’m still very happy with them.  They look like they could have lived in our old house when it was built.  They will hang over the sink and the two work areas.  We may or may not need additional lighting there but these will certainly get us started!


So, where are we… $96 + $75 = $171.00 and three rooms down!  😀  Must stay the course…



I love our new neighbourhood!

While on craigslist.com I saw a notification from Facebook that someone had posted in our private neighbourhood group.  It was like my activity was being monitored because look that I found!

A neighbour had this gem available for the bargain basement price of only $25!!!  There was one other neighbour interested ahead of me so I waited patiently (whatever) for my turn.

In the mean time, I asked all the usual questions:

Me: What are the measurements?

Neighbour: It is waist high to my nine year old.

Me: Does your nine year old have blond hair and what colour is his eyes?

Neighbour: HA!

All of this was really not important because I knew I wanted that sucker!  Finally at the last minute the other neighbour folded like a cheap lawn chair and it was mine all mine!!!  I’m still not quite sure of the measurements but it is going in the bedroom that will be our Airbnb.  Now I just need to find one similar for the ensuite…


So… $171 + $25 = $196 and four rooms now have lights!  No electricity, but minor details…


Back to Craig.  By the way, who is this Craig, anyway?  I’ll google it when I have time, right now I need more lights!

For you, Sweetheart… <3


Upstairs the smallest bedroom is 12.5’x11.5′ and has a fireplace.  We have decided to make it a den but we’re calling it a “Study” so that we sound all sophisticated.  I wanted a cozy atmosphere and decided months ago that I would have a lodge theme, much to my helpful husband’s delight.  I think that after so many girly things he should have at least one room he can be comfortable in, am I right?  While looking online at lights he showed me an antler chandelier that he really liked and I did, too.  My Daddy was a hunter and he provided many a meal for our family so this is really close to my heart.  Craig had several antler chandeliers but they were ginormous … then I saw this little beauty!  It was only $65 and will fit like a glove and go with some of the antlers that I have collected that were my Daddy’s.  Even though my parents never sat foot in our old house it will feel like they are both there with us. <3




$196 + $65 = $261 and five, count them, FIVE rooms with new (to us) and beautiful lights!

Thank you, Mary! 🙂


Last but definitely NOT least I found this beautiful creature to your left… It is another big beauty but is much taller than it is wide.  I found it on craigslist.com from a delightful woman named Mary.  It is brass that has tarnished into a rich and warm finish.  All the glass is beveled and it looks like a million bucks when it is on!  I am not a big fan of the bright look of brass or polishing it so it will remain this warm patina.  It stands 33″ tall and is 16″ across which, I now know is about waist high to my neighbour’s nine year old.   The second I saw it I wanted it for our stairwell.  Who cares that we will have to dig 80 feet into the ground and run a beam over to our neighbour’s house just to support it in the ceiling.  Oh… and the price?  As Mary helped me load it and I sped away I couldn’t help but feel that I was stealing it in broad daylight for a measly $35.00!  I can’t wait to see it hanging and on, it is a show stopper, for sure.


Total spent thus far:

$261 = $35 = $296 and six rooms are furnished.


That leaves:

3 Bedrooms, a Pantry, upstairs Landing, 2 Bathrooms and all the exterior lights.

I have a way to go but look at how well I did in under a weeks time.


I still my eye on craigslist.com and several local buy/sell groups on Facebook.  To try to generate some attention to my mission, I posted this on Facebook today:



Now that I have your attention, I am ISO a large hanging pendant light or chandelier for our living room.
-Must be at least 30″ wide 
-Cannot be over 36″ tall or wide 
-Unlike my ex, it needs to work on a full time basis
Please post pics AND measurements in the comments as I am all about beauty and size when it comes to my light fixtures. 
Thank you.


There… that should do the trick!

I’ll keep you posted on my future lighting finds…

Take care,


brown eyed wave






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