Interested in living in Brady Heights?

Brady Heights isn’t for everyone.


We are family.

Most of us are friendly, so get used to it.

There are trees, lots of trees … and sidewalks … to walk on.

You will see neighbours wave and oftentimes want to engage in conversation.

Our private Facebook Group is a place that might make you LOL or want to buy something.

Can’t remember if you locked your front door?  Give one of us a shout, we’ll go check it out.

If your pet gets out there’s a good chance that he/she will be found, fed and returned before you realize it.

You run the risk of a knock on your door followed by an invitation for coffee, supper or request for a cup of sugar.

If there’s an illness or death in your family, expect concern, love and support because that is what you will receive.

If you want to run the risks above, click the blue box to check out current real estate listings.






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