Headboard moments

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Over ten years ago my helpful husband and I were shopping and saw a headboard and dresser.  They were made of real wood that had actually come from a real tree and the prices were amazing.  I think the dresser was $150ish and the headboard was $99.  Now, when I met my beloved he was a newly divorced fella and had very little furniture and no window treatments.  I had a houseful but would be moving over 1,000 miles so the most important thing I was bringing with us was my sewing machine.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that we needed furniture.  We bought the dresser and decided we would get the headboard later.  Why, I have no idea except maybe I needed another lesson to learn and story to tell.

Well… We got the dresser home and loved it so we went the next day for the matching headboard.  We went back to the display and, just our luck, no headboards.  We were optimistic that there would be at least one in the back of the store… Nope… Maybe they had one in another store a few miles away?  Nope, again… The next town?  You guessed it, nada… in fact, there wasn’t another headboard like it in the entire province of Ontario!  ?  So… Lesson learned, if you want something you had better get it while you have the chance, period.  You may not have the opportunity again, especially if it’s a headboard!

Fast forward to yesterday.  So you may or may not know but we’re moving from Fergus, Ontario to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where I am from!  I’ve been whining about packing and I appreciate your tolerance, I promise.  Also, I inherited some furniture last year and we bought a 98 year old “fixer upper” home.  One of the items I inherited was my Grandma’s bed, I treasure it.  It isn’t anything spectacular but it was hers and I remember it being painted chocolate brown, it was pretty and yummy looking at the same time, I love it.  We were talking about what furniture we would be taking and needing in our new house when we decided that the bedroom that my Grandma’s bed was going in could easily accommodate two beds for guests.  Woohoo!  Another reason to shop!  I immediately went online to see what I could find in Tulsa that would go with this old, wrought iron bed.  Well… There was nothing but that was okay, it wasn’t an immediate necessity, but just for fun, and to keep from packing 3 minutes longer,  I searched our area in Ontario. image
Oh…. My….. Goodness!!!  I found the sibling to my Grandma’s bed and, get this, for only $80!!!  ?  The only difference and I mean ONLY difference is that where this one has an urn, hers has an old fashioned basket of flowers with a high handle.  Amazing…

Well… if the headboard moment of ten years ago taught me anything, it was to NOT pass up on buying headboards!  Even my helpful husband agreed that it “wouldn’t take up that much room” in the U-Haul so we’re off to get treasure this morning! 😀

Have you had a “Headboard moment” like mine?  What was it, I’m dying to know!


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  1. Real wood is the best way to go in my opinion!

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