This a very inexpensive finish that looks like beautiful, aged leather.  It can be used on glass, plastic, ceramic and stone finishes.  It can be used on cardboard if you cover cover it with packing tape before you begin.



Craft Paper
White Glue
Brown Paste Shoe Polish


Paint Brush

Step 1
In a clean sink, add several inches of lukewarm water. Tear enough craft paper to cover your object and soak in the water. When the paper gets darker, wad each piece into a tight ball and squeeze out as much water as possible.

Step 2
Paint on a thin coat of white glue on the object you’re covering. One by one, straighten each piece of paper and form it to the object, pushing out air bubbles with the brush as you go. Repeat until the object is completely covered.

Step 3
Allow the object to dry NATURALLY. Trying to dry it in the oven won’t work… Yes, I promise. Once the object is dry, apply two thin coats of white glue, allowing to dry between coats.

Step 4
Put a small amount brown shoe polish on a cloth and add as little or much as you need to achieve the look that you want. Allow to set.


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  1. Hi.. can you plz tell me what exactly do you mean by craft paper? Thanks bunches

    • Craft paper is the brown paper that is sometimes used to wrap packages to be shipped or mailed. You can find it in near the wrapping paper in most discount stores. I have bought it from Dollar Tree and Target but I know Walmart carries it, too.

  2. This is such a great idea – thank you!

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