Book WreathSupplies:
Approximately 10 to 15 pages out of a book
Permanent felt tip marker
Acrylic paint in yellow, red and sage green

Gold glitter glue (optional)
Straight pins
12 inch styrofoam wreath (I got mine at Dollar Tree)
1 pipe cleaner

X-Acto knife

Step 1
-Select your book, preferably a newer book. Do not use a wonderful antique for this project, the pages need to be sturdy.
-Remove the pages with an X-Acto knife or rip them out, your choice.

Step 2
-Draw your leaves with a permanent marker on the pages. They do not have to be perfect, please don’t get hung up on making each leaf beautiful. If you need to, google “leaf clip art” and print leaves to use.
See image 1

Step 3
-Paint your leaves, this should take no more than one minute per page. Don’t paint in the lines and don’t try to make them perfect.
See image 2
-Allow to sit dry.
Tip: don’t let your paint get too thick, you want to be able to see the permanent marker through the paint. You can use a sponge brush like I did to make strokes and sponge the paint on.

Step 4
-Now paint the back side of the page. You can paint it all one color or randomly, it makes no difference. This too should take you less than a minute per page.
See image 3
-Allow to dry

Step 5
-If you want to use glitter, I used glitter glue and painted it on my leaves. You can put it on all your leaves or you can put it on a few like I did.

Step 6
-Cut out all the leaves using your scissors. If you have any pages that are painted you can cut them to make additional leaves.
See image 4
-Arrange the leaves in piles of type and/or colour.

Step 7
-Twist a loop in your pipe cleaner and tie it around the styrofoam form to make your hanger. I like to use a different colour pipe cleaner from my wreath. By doing this it is easier to find when I get ready to hang it.
See image 5
-You are going to attach the leaves to the styrofoam form using straight pins. Hot glue will melt this particular form and we don’t want that. You should use two pins per leaf, this will keep them in place.
-Start by pinning your leaves in a row. Be sure and cover the inside and outside edge of the form.
See image 6
-The next row of leaves will cover the pins of the row before it. Continue adding rows of leaves.
See image 7

Step 8
-Work your way around the entire wreath. When you get to the row you started, lift the leaves up and pin underneath.
See image 8

Step 9
-To give my leaves a little life, I curled the ends on some of them. I used a pencil for this, but you can use a toothpick or anything you happen to have around.

I’m not sure how weather tolerant this wreath would be. I am sure that humidity would definitely have a bad for it. You might want to use this wreath on the inside of your door.


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  1. Absolutely love this!

    • Thank you, Susan! ? It was so fast and fun to make. I didn’t think about it at the time but the pages feel like dried leaves, too… Just not messy! ?

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