One beautiful Fall afternoon our youngest daughter and I decided to hit the local thrift stores.  Halloween was barreling down upon us and we desperately “needed” stuff for, well, I don’t know, we just did.  Trust me on this, okay?  Little did we know that our lives would soon be changed forever.
While in Goodwill, my daughter, hereinafter known as “LooHoo”, went one direction while I grabbed a cart and headed towards another.  We get more ground covered this way and between us we don’t miss much.  I was looking at clothes for a scarecrow when I felt a strange feeling… It wasn’t because of our lunch at Taco Bell, this time, thankfully.  It was as if I was in the presence of greatness, maybe I was having a stroke, maybe it was lunch, I wasn’t quite sure.  A voice broke my concentration, “Mom?”  I turned to see what was going to be an image that I would never see again in my life much less forget.  There stood Loo Hoo with this ginormous bust of Elvis!  I was speechless…  I had survived childbirth, lived in Tornado Alley, raised a few children and I always, I repeat ALWAYS had a comeback, until now.  I stood there in a trance. “Can we get him?” she asked like she had a stray kitten in her arms.  I’m sure my mouth was agape as my eyes tried to explain to my brain what they were seeing.  Usually when presented with a request like this from one of our children my husband and I talk about it and come to a decision together.  We are good partners like that but he wasn’t there, a decision had to be made so I did like any normal parent would do and took it to social media.



As seen on Facebook:  September 14, 2013 near Guelph,Canada
Me I’m at the thrift store… Help me decide… Yes? No? $10
Janelle M There is no question.
Me See… That’s what I was thinking!!! Anyone else?
Debbie H Would make a fun Dirty Santa gift. Maybe they will take less.
Toni G Hell yes
Janis H Eww.
Barbara V ooooooh why not? LOL  looks big is it?   (This is my dear Mother… obviously where I get my sense of humour! )
Me Almost life-size
Linda B You putting him in the garden with all your other “finds”?’
Toni G Stephanie wants to know if it comes with blue suede shoes
Janis H For my wedding present please throw him over Niagara falls. Thank you
Traci C OMG…that is hideous! I hope you opted for “NO”.



Well… I don’t know what you got out of those comments but I heard “BUY ELVIS” loud and clear, so we did…


Here is Elvis all buckled in, price tag removed from his cheek and ready to go!

LooHoo and I were happy as two pigs in mud!  We had Elvis and nothing was stopping us!  The world was our oyster and our ship had come in and for once we weren’t at the airport!  The rest of the day was all about Elvis, including…
Our choice of music…
Snacks with the King…
and of course, we documented the whole event on Facebook…
Janelle M I’ve always loved you, but Elvis has brought me to understand we were destined to be friends.
Me Thank you, Janelle, I think you’re right
Kristi W Is this what happens when one child leaves the nest???    Okay, so one of our daughters moved out, no biggie…
Me No comment…
Linda Lee S I’m a little worried about his eye….
Me I think that’s one of the side effects of the late 70s …
Amy-Elizabeth D Why       <—– the daughter who moved out, I think she forgot to unpack her sense of humour!
Karen C I love all the play by plays keep us posted
Me I wish I could show you all the looks we’re getting!
Derrick B That is so tacky. Did they have more?   See… this is the reason Derrick and I are friends 🙂
LaDonna R You are crazy, girl!!
Me I’ve been told that a few times, LaDonna… But I still don’t have the paperwork to prove it!
Lana B WTH   <—– My sister-in-law… she NEVER comments on my posts. This alone was worth $10.00! 
Janelle M When you checked out did you say “Thank you, thank you very much?”
Eva C-H You & your Elvis posts are a hoot!!
Tammie F I’m sure his first words to you were”Love Me Tender, Love Me Sweet, Never Let Me Go”….
Joni B this kind of creeps me out….
Vanessa M I thought you were happily married….is Mark okay?  My helpful husband isn’t surprised by anything I do anymore…
Debbie H Congrats!
Me When we left, the cashier announced that “Elvis has left the building” of course…
Amy-Elizabeth D Mom no   I’m starting to think her Facebook account has been hacked…
Erin B I’m with Amy on this one… why? There is no place you could put that where it wouldn’t just look creepy.  NO!  Not Erin, too??!
Kristi W Is he going in your flower bed?
Me He’s going wherever he wants! He’s the KING…
Our adventures continued on throughout the day with Elvis:
LooHoo and the King at Wal-Mart, where she worked at the time
Chillin’ on the porch with the King
1236016_10153238966930581_1776177016_nElvis catching up on some television
Elvis is still a member of the family much to the dismay of some of the rest of the family… LooHoo and I are still quite fond of him.  He is not nearly as flamboyant as he was portrayed on documentaries and quite surprisingly he’s not a heavy eater!  A lot of you have asked if the King will be moving with us when we head to Oklahoma in a few months.  Really?  You have to ask?  He is just as excited to move as we are!
🙂 Terrie
The King – Christmas 2013
When my friend, Sherri, saw my Elvis, she was pretty darned jealous.  It seems that her husband was born in Memphis and she felt that she, too, needed Elvis in her life.  Well… who was I to question this?  All I knew was that a friend needed something and I needed to help them get it!
Now, twenty years ago I would have bought a newspaper and looked in the Items for Sale column to start my search for an Elvis bust.  Thank God all I had to do was head over to my local version of Craig’s list, www.kijiji.ca.  I typed in “Elvis bust”, “Ontario”, (never mind that Ontario is the size of Texas and Montana combined, I was on a mission)  and clicked “Enter” while holding my breath.  Kijiji, as usual, did not disappoint because there were Elvises everywhere!  And close by, too!  Like the savvy online shopper that I am, I went down the list and ruled out the ones that the sellers were clueless and focused on two Elvi.  Does anyone know the plural of Elvis?  Any who, back to my mission.  I found two that were reasonably priced, both for $15.00, and then focused my sights on one that was only about an hour away.
I went in to buyer mode and contacted the seller via email.  Even though the ad was posted weeks ago I knew two things about kijiji, 1. Sometimes people don’t take down their posts after their items sell and 2. If the seller receiver multiple inquiries mine needed to stand out in the crowd.  I kept my email short and sweet and added Elvis’s own signature words, Thank you, thank you very much.
Well, anyone who has ever boiled water or contacted a seller on an online sell site knows that waiting is the hardest part.  I updated Sherri and together we waited.  On the third day, while talking to Sherri on the phone I received the following email:
Sherri and I hollered like cows stuck in mud!  WOOHOO!!!  That Elvis bust was as good as sitting on her couch!  I immediately fired off an email and confirmed her address and a time to meet.  I was free Saturday, excepting for the fact that we were moving 1,000 miles away in a 40 days, 21 hours and 37 minutes and my helpful husband reminded me at least three times an hour that we needed to pack.  Pack, smack, we had a friend that needed a little Elvis in her life!  Priorities!  What didn’t he get about this???
Like a kid waiting for Christmas morning, Sherri and I waited anxiously for Saturday to arrive.  We discussed where she would put HER Elvis, where MY Elvis was (somehow, when I was in Oklahoma last summer MY Elvis ended up in the garage facing the wall as if he was being punished because he was too cool) and laughed at how much fun and excitement $15 could bring to our lives. Never mind that Sherri lived 488.6 miles from me and it would cost approximately $500 to ship a plaster Elvis bust to her.  Details, shemetails, is was only $15 and an hour away!
Saturday finally came and my helpful husband and I piled in the car with my Elvis strapped in the back seat.  This was going to be an adventure!  I mean, had the seller not said, “yes he’s still in the building?”  I mean, she sounded like one of us!  I was looking forward to meeting her and finding out where she had acquired her Elvis.  We took the scenic route and enjoyed the beautiful Ontario countryside.  It really is beautiful here, a lot like eastern Oklahoma except more Christmas trees.  There are lots of farms and old barns and all sorts of interesting things to see, but let’s stay focused, we had an Elvis to buy!  We drove and turned left three times and then right, another left in 1.6 kilometres and soon found ourselves looking for a house number at the edge of town.  The house was almost too easy to find and we pulled into the driveway of this amazing old house that must have been 1,000 years old.  That’s another thing wonderful about this area, the roots run deep and there are so many old structures and places to discover.  One might expect to find a plaster Elvis living in a trailer park, not a beautiful old home like this, were we even at the right place?  We knocked and as sure as I’m sitting here in the dark sipping coffee and wearing jammies I HEARD ELVIS MUSIC!!!
Sure enough, Sherri had called it, she was one of us!  This smallish woman with a personality as big as life itself opened the door and immediately I loved her.  She was fun, she lived in an amazing old home and she was selling her Elvis to me for Sherri… what wasn’t to love about her?  We talked like long lost friends and she told me the story of her Elvis and was just as interested in mine.  Her Elvis had been with her for over twenty years!  He had a small shoulder injury but I would fix that, in fact, I had already established how I would repair it in my head. I told her about Sherri and how she had lusted for my Elvis and my website of sorts and asked her if she minded if I take a picture.  We took pictures and she followed us to our car to meet my Elvis, all the while laughing like two old friends.
Fiona, Elvis & Me…
I only wish you could hear “Love me tender” playing in the background!
imageFiona giving The King a good-bye smooch
All too soon it was time to buckle Elvis 2.0 in and be on our way.  It was a great day!  Meeting Fiona was a hoot and I looked forward to Elvis’s shoulder and figuring out how on earth I’d get him to Sherri.  Somehow I’m sure that our adventures have only begun, I’ll keep you posted! 🙂

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  1. I’m so excited! Elvis is coming to live with me! Eventually…lol

  2. LOL… patience, grasshopper! 😀

  3. This is so funny!!

  4. So NOW you get it? 😀
    That’s my girl!!! <3

  5. No, no. Elvis is NOT funny. The comments are funny <3

  6. Elvis is alive and well and crazy as heck….lmbo!!! 🙂

  7. He’s the King, Lynn! 😉

  8. God Bless the King!!! 😉 Poor guy has never seen the likes of two southern girls like y’all before! ♡♡♡♡ Let the journey begin!!!

  9. When I saw that bust of Elvis am like OMG ~ was like part of my past was coming back ~ I am a huge fan of Elvis and all my friends, family knew that ~ that bust well not that one but was given to me as a pressie eons ago and sat on a pedestal in my bedroom ~ traveled in all my moves then it was gone ~ memories of how or when elude me but sadly I do not have it ~ seeing that just reminded me of it ~ thank you for sharing this…

    • Bobbi! It is so nice to meet another Elvis bust owner! I am sorry to hear about your loss and I will put a security camera on my Elvis at once! 😀

  10. Just found your blog. Love it. Sent the address to my daughter. I was feeling down today but you definitely made my day. Laughter is the best medicine. thank you.

    • Noreen, darlin, you just made my day so we’re even! 😀 There’s a big ole smile on my face as I type this. Thank you! xoxo

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