imageYou don’t have to be a floral designer extraordinaire to put this together but you’ll look like one when you’re finished.  Just a few odds and ends put together properly can enhance and give it a whole new look.

This was created for Fall however think outside the box for a moment… Think Christmas.  A little faux pine, holly, berries, a piece of ribbon and you can achieve the same look for a special Christmas ornament, nut cracker, figurine… Easter with a ceramic bunny and eggs, the only limit is our imagination. 🙂






Silk leaves, flowers and berries

Hot glue




Hot glue gun

Wire cutters


Image 1

Step 1

Cut, cut, cut…

  • Cut a piece of cardboard into a circle or square to make the base
  • Cut a piece of foam just slightly larger than the piece of cardboard
  • Cut up a floral garland, bush or stems





Step 2

Work in triangles…

  • Apply glue to the underside of the leaves
  • Place them on the base in a triangle pattern

Step 3

C’mon… you can do this…

  • Add a different type of foliage or flower to the base, I used a plastic eucalyptus … I know… plastic, BUT they look so realistic!
  • Place these between the leaves.  If you don’t feel comfortable to making a commitment, place them first and then hot glue them when you’re happy with where they are
  • Glue the stems to the base and hold it in place until the hot glue sets, if necessary.


Step 4

Okay, we’re picking up speed…

  • Let’s add another component, I added berries.  Working in a triangle pattern, place and glue them onto the base


Step 5

Oh yeah… we’re so doing this!

  • Add more components, each time working in a triangle pattern
  • At this point I sat my pumpkin on the base to get an idea where to glue the flowers


Step 6

Okay, let’s wrap this up…

  • The last thing I added was the berries and pinecones.  I only had one stem of berries so I cut them in order to make three pieces.


  • I didn’t glue the pumpkin to the base, It wasn’t necessary and it’s easier to store as two pieces.
  • When adding only one of an item, like the pinecone, place it on either side, not in the middle.
  • For a professional look use at least three to four different components.   In this design I used leaves, berries, pinecones, eucalyptus, and flowers.
  • HAVE FUN!!! 🙂

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