After my fail of epic proportions on the Plaster of Paris jewelry holder I tried once again imageto make something pretty to hold my jewelry.  This time I think I won!  This project cost almost nothing in materials and really not a lot of time.  The tutorial is below.



  • Clean bottle
  • Candle holder
  • Plate (optional)
  • Book or comparable paper
  • School glue aka White glue
  • Sheet of scrapbook paper (optional)
  • Paper doilies (optional)
  • Pointy, burned out light bulb or other interesting shaped object
  • Adhesive


  • Paint brush
  • Scissors


Step 1

Gathering the supplies

(see image 1)

  • Find a bottle that is the correct size and shape.  My search started and ended under my kitchen sink with a Great Value version of Jet Dry.  If you have to, head to the store and go to the dish detergent aisle. Remember, the shape is more important that what is in the bottle! 😉  Clean it inside and out but the labels do NOT need to be removed. You may want to cut the neck of the bottle off, depending on the look you want.  I did cut the neck off of mine using a short serrated knife.
  • For the candle holder and plate head to the thrift store.  My candle holder and plate were both .25 each on half price day.  Dollar Tree sells the exact candle holder and I see so many of them at the thrift store that I never pay full price for them.
  • For the top, I used a small light bulb that I found in the garage.  Think outside the box when looking for the topper.
  • I wanted a dress on mine but this is completely optional.  If you want a dress made of paper, I suggest using a heavier paper like scrapbook paper.


Step 2

Covering the Bottle

  •  Hot glue the topper to the top of the bottle.
  • Tear or cut strips of paper.  You will find that paper, like fabric, has a grain and will tear in straighter strips in a certain direction.
  • Apply the glue to the bottle using the paintbrush. (see image 2)  Paint an area, put down a piece of paper, paint over it and repeat until you have covered the entire bottle EXCEPT the bottom.  I covered the bottle with paper twice and then let it dry. (see image 3)


Step 3

Attaching the Candle Holder to the Bottle

  • Glue the base of the bottle directly to the top of the candle holder.  Allow to dry over night.
  • Finish off the bottom of the bottle with the pages and glue.


Step 4

Adding a Dress (optional)

  • I cut a piece of paper and glued it, using school glue the same way I glued on the pages of the book, to the bosom of the dress.  (see image 4)
  • Next, I added a piece for the skirt part and used school glue to adhere it the same way. (see image 5)
  • For the torso of the dress I made pleats by folding the paper and glued it in place. (see image 6)
  • Lastly, I glued a bow under the bosom using hot glue.


Step 5

Sealing the Dress Form

  • Apply two coats of undiluted school glue on the whole form allowing the first coat to dry completely before adding the second coat. (On the paper parts, not the candle holder or plate)  This will give it a satiny look and sealed it nicely.


Step 6

  • Attach the candle holder to the plate.  The plate will give the dress form weight and balance so that it doesn’t topple over.  It is also a good place to put additional jewelry. (see image 8)



  • Mod Podge is expensive here in Canada and I don’t use it because I have excellent results without it.  You, however, can use it if you feel more comfortable using it.  I use diluted school glue that I buy at Dollar Tree that comes two in a pack.  There isn’t an exact recipe I use, I just delete it to the consistency of low fat milk.
  • I used Clear Silicone Sealant (see image 7) to adhere the bottle to the candle holder and the candle holder to the plate.  I buy it at Walmart or Home Depot (see image ) and use a caulking gun with it.  It is very inexpensive and I ALWAYS use it when I am adhering plastic or glass to glass.  It have never failed me or turned yellow.  You may use your favourite adhesive.
  • I used a book I purchased at Dollar Tree for another project.  I bought it for its size and then, as I was putting the pages on my bottle something caught my eye… I looked closer and holy moly!  I had no idea that Dollar Tree sold X rated books but friends, I am here to tell you that they do!  (see image 9)
  • You can also use other types of paper besides the pages: magazines pages, tissue paper, craft paper (soak in water first), wrapping paper, just about any type of paper!







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