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Want to be the hit of your neighbourhood? I give out “dead balloons” to trick or treaters. I don’t have a picture from last year, but they look similar to the picture here. Kids love them because they get a surprise when they pop them at home… Parents LOVE them because they take up a lot of space in the treat bags.


10″ Round balloons (I get black & orange. This way I can use the black for boys and orange for girls.)

Balloon ribbon (The curling, cheap kind)

Sheets of stickers, Halloween rings and a ton of other goodies, all SMALL. (Hit the dollar store)

Individually wrapped candy and/or gum

Easy Peasy!

Okay, it helps to do this with a partner:

1. One person opens the balloon by putting two fingers in each side and stretch!

2. The other person fills the balloon with the goodies.

3. Blow a little air in the balloon and knot it.

4. Tie the balloon ribbon around the knot so it looks like the balloon used to have life.

To hand them out, put them in a big container and tell the kids to pick a dead balloon… FUN!



One of my Facebook friends told me:

 “I used to work for a gift basket shop and we used old gift wrap tubes or funnels when we were short handed :)”

Thank you, Kathy!  Great idea! 😀

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  1. Cute I idea, will have to do it next year. Already filled rubber gloves this year…. Hands to give out. Love your site. Good luck with the move.

    • I haven’t made the hands yet but they are soooooo cute!

      And, thank you, BrendaLea, for your kind words 🙂 I appreciate them more than I can tell you. We are almost packed and I’m excited and scared and anxious and scared and nervous but at least I’m not scared. 🙂

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