what type of crafter are you

Are you a Darla?  Maybe you are a Carla with Terrie tendencies?  

Find your crafting personality below or tell me if I’ve missed yours. 🙂

Aubrey Obsessive – Remember flip flop wreaths?  Aubrey made 7… Gum ball machines?  She made so many she stored leftovers in them.  Diaper cakes?  Forget about it!  She’s still trying to explain to a cashier that she doesn’t have a new grand baby. Or any babies!  Aubrey is a craft making machine that gets stuck on one craft until she gets hooked on another one, then watch out!

Bettye Bling – Bettye is all about the bling.  She makes more jewelry than all her friends and neighbours put together can ever wear.  She once made a friend of a friend’s mother a necklace because her dog was sick.  And beads… don’t even go there!  When Bettye isn’t making jewelry she’s buying more beads.  Get on Bettye’s Christmas list, you’ll be glad you did!

Bonnie Buyer – Bonnie buys craft supplies. She has bags and bags of craft supplies that would fill a house!  It seems as long as Bonnie is buying, she’s quite content to never make anything.

Darla DreamerDarla dreams… She drinks her coffee and dreams about crafts that will never happen. Her “some day” never comes because it lives in her dreams.

Diana Disorganized – oh dear… Diana sets out with the best of intentions… She has a plan, has researched it, knows what she is going to do but, well… On Debbie’s craft table are seven mismatched socks from the laundry, three bottles of nail polish, a bottle of dead Diet Coke, a pile of paid bills waiting to be filed and a can of pork and beans.  Her glue gun is in the bathroom and she hasn’t seen her favourite pair of scissors since Christmas. Diana needs help, but she misplaced the phone number to the hotline!

Carla Crafter – Carla gets it done!  She is a crafter 24/7, if she is asleep, she’s crafting in her dreams.  Carla once made a centerpiece for a bridal luncheon out of real doves and Christmas twinkle lights.  Carla is the person that we all hate.

Helen Hoarder – Everybody dreams of having a craft stash like Helen!  Want to make a ribbon wreath?  Helen has 27 wreath forms and close to 6,000 yards of ribbon.  Need a little bling?  No worries, Helen has more glitter than Christmas and rhinestones than Hobby Lobby.  Looking for just the right candle holder?  Look no more, Helen has cleaned out three Dollar Trees and a Good will.  What was Helen’s last craft?  Labelling the shelves of her hoard…

Ima Intimidated – Ima sits quietly in the shadows and wishes she could make things as well as her friends.  She appreciates crafts but is too intimidated by other’s crafts to make her own.  Ima doesn’t realize that others sometimes try and fail many times before getting good at their craft.  

Pattie Perfect – Pattie is a perfectionist.  She must, I repeat, must have perfection in her crafts or she will start over again and again.  All Pattie’s friends wish their crafts were half as good as hers, but poor Pattie is her own worst critic. 🙁

Polly Pinner – Polly likes Pinterest… a LOT!  She pins and pins and that’s about all.  She knows all the latest crafts, not because she’s made them… She’s pinned them… Some of them twice, even!

Priscilla Procrastinator – Poor Priscilla… Someday she WILL craft!  Someday she will plug in her glue gun, get out her scissors and show us all!  Someday… Just not today.

Tanya Talker – Tanya talks about crafting day and night, talk, talk, talk!  If she crafted as much as she talks about crafting, her glue gun would never be unplugged!  If you need to brainstorm, Tanya is your gal.

imageTerrie Tornado – Terrie starts a craft, gets half finished, starts another one, bounces off it onto a third one, back to the second one, on to the fourth one, gets stuck, goes back to the first one… All while destroying everything in her path… My husband made up this crafter, I have no idea why.

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  1. deborah hebert

    I make jewelry.

  2. Deborah, I do too! How on earth did I miss this??? Give me a few minutes 🙂

  3. Pat Woodson-Crum

    Patty perfect does all kinds of crafts but then redose them over an over till she thinks they are perfect an might end up doing them again

    • I have known a few “Pattys” and been her myself! Great suggestion, Pat! I’ll get her added today. 🙂

  4. Fun website.

  5. Thank you, D! Welcome, make yourself at home.

  6. I am an Aubrey with Terrie tendencies!

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