I have seen the crafters’ version of Cousin Itt a few times online and I loved him!  He reminds me of my youth and I can’t look at a picture of him and not smile.  

As much as I tried I couldn’t find a step by step tutorial.  I read something about tomato cages, styrofoam ball for the head, but I wasn’t satisfied.  So, here’s my own Cousin Itt Tutorial!  This project is so easy and inexpensive to make, give him a try, everyone needs a Cousin Itt in their family tree.




Packing tape



Grass skirts (I used 8)

Hot Glue

Weight (optional)

Newspaper for the weight





Glue Gun


Step 1

Cutting the cardboard

  • I suggest finding a box the same height that you want Itt.  The cardboard should be all one piece in order for it to be sturdy so don’t go splicing several pieces together.  You will need two separate pieces, one for his hat to sit on and the other one forms his shoulders.
  • Cut one piece 42”x4′
  • Cut the second piece 30’x4′

IMPORTANT: These pieces must have at least one straight edge to sit on.


Step 2

The Inner Core

  • Roll the cardboard into a cylinder and with the grain (see image 1) You want it  tight enough that the hat fits on the top snugly.  Remember that the grass skirt will help it fit even tighter and you can glue it on as well. (see image 2)
  • Add tape to the top and the bottom of the cylinder and make sure that the top and bottom of the cylinder are the same size and flat.  (see image 3)
  • At one end, wrap a piece of tape around the cylinder twice then go around it like you’re wrapping a candy cane.  When you get to the bottom wrap the tape around the twice.  (see image 4)
  • If you want to add weight, wrap a brick or rock in newspaper.  Put it inside the bottom of the cylinder and pack newspaper around it.  Use enough newspaper so that tight it doesn’t move around. (see image 5)


Step 3

The Body

  • Roll the second piece of cardboard like the first except in an oval shape.  Add tape at the top and bottom to hold it in place (see image 6) and then tape from the top to the bottom and back three or four times to secure it. (see image 7)


Step 4

The Hair

Okay, this looks like a no brainer but it is actually very important.  So that his hair looks more natural and not like you used a bunch of grass skirts, I developed this technique.

  • To make sure that the cardboard is covered at the bottom, position the first skirt so that it is about an inch too long.  (see image 9)  The skirts I used had an elastic waistband… pretty highfaultin for coming from the dollar store!  I made a slit in the waistband and pulled it together in the back and glued the edges. (see image 10) I then glued the waistband to the body every 2-3 inches making sure that I kept it level.
  • Next, cut another skirt into 3 inch chunks and glue each chunk about 3 inches apart. (see image 11)  We’ll call this the “Terrie Technique” 😉  Keep working with one skirt at a time, not all skirts are the same size and you may need fewer that I did.
  • Continue doing this one skirt at a time.  When you get to the top of the shoulders continue the same way up the inner core.  Stop when you know the hat will cover the highest level.  I took my last chunks and glued them to the tape on the top of his head.  (see image 12)

My had fit snuggly on his head so I didn’t glut it down.  Also, I can change hats if I want to.  The same with the sunglasses.  Cousin Itt had lots of cool sunglasses, I wanted to leave my options open by not making them a permanent look.


Click on the pics to make them larger ?










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  1. “Cousin Itt” – this is the best tutorial on the net!!! You’re brilliant!!! Thank you!!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡

  2. Andrea Bond

    Could you tell me where you got those sunglasses on that cute guy? I’m looking for a cheap pair exactly like that. Thank you!

  3. I love this…..I saw the Adams Family movie yesterday and cousin ti was there….made me smile….this little fellow can stand near my fireplace year round…so so cute……thanks so so much….

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