If you’re like me you love checking out the clearance aisle! I have found some great deals and there are other times when I’ve

found a treasure only to turn it around and see a big chip. So close to a great bargain…  

With just a few supplies and a little effort you can take that wounded treasure and make it your own.  Who knows … you might even like it better!


Any CLEAN chipped or cracked item made of nonporous material (Image 1)

Tissue paper or any lightweight paper

White glue aka school glue







  • Dilute the glue with tap water to the consistency of milk
  • Paint the glue on a small section of the item (Image 2)
  • Place a small piece of tissue paper on the item and press it down with your sponge.  (Image 3) Make sure you don’t have any air bubbles under the tissue.
  • Continue adding glue and tissue paper until your item is covered with two layers of paper. (Image 4)
  • After the item is completely covered paint on a coat of full strength glue to seal it. (Image 5)
  • You are now ready to paint the item.  I used a brown acrylic paint on the first coat and then dry brushed it with the same paint that I added some white.  I then painted the engraved part with black acrylic paint.

I now have a one of a kind piece that no one has seen anywhere! 🙂





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