Happy Friday the 13th!

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Just another day? A great day to stay in bed and cover up your head? How do you feel about the number 13, black cats, ladders and broken mirrors?       The number 13 is my favourite number… I’ll … Continued

Hey, ya’ll! :)

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Here’s what’s going on in my world… -We’re IN Tulsa and staying with my sister.  I think she and her partner are cool with this because I do all the cooking. -The Helpful Husband wants to go to J.C. Penny’s… … Continued

Hey :)

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I hope y’all are doing good today!  T minus 10 days and counting until we move!  I’m starting to get excited!   My helpful husband and I bought a fixer upper last year… okay, it was four walls and roof … Continued

Happy Saturday!

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Busy packing!!! Like me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/hotglueinmycoffee For more of my tutorials check out my website: www.hotglueinmycoffee.com  

I’m crafting as fast as I can!

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Wow… let’s see, where to begin! I’m crafting as fast as I can because I know that in 15 days we will be MOVING!!!  WOOHOO!!!!  I’m going to pack the Elvi and kitties and my helpful husband and we are moving from Fergus, … Continued

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