Friends… We have been lied to yet again. Yes, it is true, don’t turn away, you know I would never betray you! Was it not me who warned you of the evils of pool noodle wreaths? (Yes) and didn’t I bring it to your attention that glue guns are hot? (Okay, maybe a bad example…) I come to you again today to stop the lies and madness about Plaster of Paris Jewelry Holders…

Get a rubber glove, they said… Fill it with Plaster of Paris, they snickered… Here, look at mine, THEY LIED!!! I was skeptical when I saw this on Pinterest (follow me already!
) but like a sheep being lead off to slaughter, I drank the Kool-Ade and strolled into Home Depot to buy my box of Plaster of Paris, hereinafter known as PoP. It was reasonably priced and I figured I could use it on some other craft projects. (Of course I’ll keep you updated!) I had already purchased the yellow gloves that the Internet chick told me I needed, I bought a size small because unlike my bottom, my hands are petite and dainty. I was good to go on this craft project, one might even use the word “golden”. The sun was shining, birds were singing and all systems were “go” in my kitchen as I started mixing the water and PoP. The only thing that could have made it any more perfect is if I had a pot roast in the oven and was wearing pearls and an apron. (My oven was empty and I think I was in my jammies but let’s go with the roast and pearls picture just for fun)

Now let me tell you that I love playing with PoP! I have used it on some other crafts and it worked beautifully… so this fail was not my fault! I started filling that rubber glove, which I had secured to the corner of a box so it would be as tall as possible, and was amazed at how much PoP it was holding! I knew something had to be wrong because I had mixed extra but somehow I was using all that I had mixed! I immediately checked for leaks as any mother instinctively does, but sure enough, the bottom of the box was dry. Oh well, I thought, I’ve miscalculated before. I checked the clock and began counting down the minutes until I would have a tall, slender, sexy jewelry holder on my dresser. I make jewelry and this would be an excellent display piece, too! Maybe I should whip up another batch of PoP and go ahead and fill that other glove? At that point in time I didn’t know that I had been lead astray, I was as innocent as a new born babe. That was all about to change.

Now, I have hinted from time to time that my husband is my biggest supporter. He is amazed by some of my craft outcomes and is a great source for feedback. Sometimes he even helps, whether I want it or not. He, having gone with me to Home Depot, knew all about my latest craft. I had shown him countless pictures from all over the Internet of the same craft. You’ll need to be careful with the fingers, he shared with me… like I was new. Pffft. I indulged him but I had this craft in the bag, or the box, so to speak. I looked at the clock, show time!!! The first thing I noticed was how very heavy my PoP Jewelry Holder was. But, that was a good thing because I didn’t want it falling over… and it was tall, but I had totally planned that. I carefully turned the glove over because, as I had heard somewhere, the fingers would be fragile. (Yes, my eyes just rolled) Now, I distinctly remember that Internet chick had simply slipped her yellow rubber glove off her PoP hand, but that wasn’t going to happen, not in my kitchen. I grabbed my scissors and slowly snipped my way up the forearm (I told you it was tall) like a surgeon. I reached the palm of the hand and slowly started to remove the glove. Within three seconds the pinky finger snapped like a twig! Okay… patience… that’s what glue was invented for… not a problem… I carried on. When the glove was off the remaining three fingers and thumb I noticed that something was not quite right. Unlike Internet chick’s, who’s PoP Jewelry Holder was thin, sleek and sexy, mine looked like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man’s hand!!! Who on earth has fat palms??? No one! I looked my my own hand and looked at my plaster hand… How could this have happened? I was too confused to be angry and probably in a state of denial. What the… wait… huh? Looking at my three fingered, one thumb, fat-palmed plaster hand it dawned on me that of course the it was big, those rubber yellow gloves stretch! But, but, Internet chick’s plaster hand was so pretty and slender and sexy! Why did mine… wait a minute… then it hit me like a ton of bricks, Internet chick had LIED TO ME!!! I had almost fallen for the Pool Noodle Wreath fiasco, but she had won this time!!! I felt confused and betrayed. My heart sank, the sun went behind the clouds and the once singing birds flew away. I was alone with my three fingered, one thumb, fat-palmed Plaster of Paris Jewelry Holder. Even my helpful husband had disappeared to his office.

The only way to heal after a craft fail this big is to share your story. The more you share the faster you heal, or, something like that. Please learn from my mistake and don’t believe Internet chick because once again, she’s out there spreading lies trying to catch us in her web.

What? You want to see a picture of my Plaster of Paris Jewelry Holder? By the way, plaster and glue don’t seem to like each other!







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