My fellow crafters, we have been lead astray. Yes, I know, I am in shock, too. We shouldn’t be surprised, it happens more and more thanks to the Internet. Someone gets an idea, shares it and before you know it we are all spreading it like it is a cure for loneliness. With your help we shall right this wrong!

What has caused me to step on my soapbox? Pool noodle wreath forms. There, I said it! To the first person that taped two ends of a pool noodle together and said, “Hey, I made a wreath form!” I say “Blasphemy!” Unfortunately no one tests or questions it until it is too late then we’re not sure who to blame for our heartache. It looks like a great idea, it’s easy, inexpensive and fat-free… Exactly! If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Now I know someone will say they have a wreath that they made from a pool noodle back in the 1960s and it is fine… There’s always one person, am I wrong? However, if your pool noodle wreath (hereinafter known as “noodle wreath”) is exposed to any extreme weather and/or time it will lose its shape. Yes, I know, just like us! The very least that can go wrong is that the tape used will lose its stickiness and it will slap someone in the face. Don’t you have enough to worry about without having to worry about your noodle wreath going rouge and hurting someone? Me too! Also a noodle wreath can warp like a cd left in your car on a hot summer day. I’m thinking if the insurance companies knew the true hazards that could be caused by noodle wreaths, we crafters would be dropped like a hot potatoes!

I know I have upset some of you and I can hear your hopes and dreams shattering like glass. It pains me to do so however, I do have a solution and it too, is easy, inexpensive and fat-free. I am unselfishly providing a link to a tutorial I wrote on noodle wreaths. (You’re welcome)

Tutorial: Pool Noodle Wreath Form


Some of the advantages of using my noodle wreath:
It won’t:
-cause bodily harm
-melt under extreme hot glue application
-cause upset stomach or diarrhea

It will:
-last for years and years
-help you get a good night’s sleep
-earn your neighbour’s respect

As always, feel free to ask questions and share this information. Together we shall make the world a better place to live one wreath at a time.