body partsSo, I know you’ve probably seen the body parts on meat trays at the local dollar stores. They looked pretty cool the first time we saw them, huh?   And then, someone got the bright idea to stick them in a jar and add some coloured water.  Better!  Much better, in fact!

But, now… meh… been there, done that, show me some new stuff, right?  Okay, I’m so glad you asked!

This is simple, easy and inexpensive… you’re welcome.


This is what I came up with and I know, before you fire off an angry comment, yes, I know, it is a brain in a jar… BUT, look closer, MUCH more interesting…


Plastic Brain (The real ones are too messy & don’t have a good shelf life)

Red food colouring

Corn syrup

Canning jar, or a Ragu jar, really doesn’t matter


Faux flies or ants but not aunts

White glue

Coffee grounds

Hot glue



Glue gun


Steel wool or sandpaper if your jar is newish

Bowl & spoon

Steak knife


Step 1

Preparing the lid

I like the idea that this jar has been sitting on a shelf for awhile.  So, in order to achieve that look, let’s make the jar look old.  I used sandpaper on the lid and scuffed it up.  I also added some scratches using the steak knife.


Step 2

Filling the jar

  • Okay, pour as much corn syrup in the bowl as you want to use.  Add the red food colouring to the corn syrup and mix it well.
  • Place the brain in the jar and pour the corn syrup on top of it.  Now, this will give the brain a sticky look and we all know that brains are very sticky so it’s already looking more realistic.

Step 3

Finishing the lid

  • Clean out the bowl and add a few (3ish) tablespoons of watered down white glue.
  • Add a pinch of coffee grounds, DO NOT MIX.
  • Cut a square of cheesecloth and put it in the bowl with the glue and coffee grounds.  The white glue will make the cheesecloth look matted and old and the coffee grounds will make it look, well, gross.
  • Squeeze out any excess glue.

Now, I used a canning lid and it has two parts, the rim and the lid.  I put the lid on the jar, slapped the cheesecloth on top of it and screwed the rim on top of that.  If you have that Ragu lid, do the same thing except wrap some jute or string around the top of the jar so it makes sense.  (“so it makes sense” said the woman telling you how to put a brain in a jar…)

After the glue dries, hot glue a few flies or critters to the top of the jar because everyone knows that critters love brains.  And zombies… love brains.

Step 4

Enjoy your brain.  Take it a step further and add a label with the name of your favourite Halloween character or politician.  Have fun, you own a brain in a jar!





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