I love the using book pages in crafting!  I have learned several techniques through trial and error that I am happy to share with you.

Have fun!


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Preparing the pages 

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  1. Use a sharp cutter to remove the pages from the book.  I have found that if I tear them out it sometimes wrinkles the pages and I don’t always want that look.
  2.  Tear one half inch off the top, bottom and sides side of the pages so that there’s no blank spots.
  3.  Select the stamps that you were going to use.  I bought that honking big stamp several years ago at Michael’s.  It was expensive but I use a 50% off coupon and I can honestly say that I have gotten my moneys worth out of it over the years.  The stamp pad that I am using is a permanent ink however I also use inexpensive pads that I had picked up at discount stores and they work just as well.
  4. Randomly stamp the patterns on the piece of paper. Don’t get too picky because were going to tear them up.
  5. See, I told you…
  6. To give the pieces of paper a burned look on the edges, I dab them on the ink pad.
  7.  And this is what I came up with!  The torn pages have gone from “anyone can do that” to “how did she do that” with hardly any effort at all.

Covering the Plate

All you need is the paper you’re going to use, glue or Mod Podge and a paintbrush.

  • Paint a small area of the plate with glue.
  • Put the first piece down and paint more glue on top of it.
  • Repeat this step, overlapping each piece of paper until you have finished covering the plate.

Yes, it is that simple!


-Whether you use glue or mod podge is up to you.  This plate is for decorative purposes only.

-I went to the thrift store and bought an expensive plate.  It doesn’t matter what it looks like because you’re going to be covering it anyway.

– I covered the entire plate and then put the fleur-de-lis page on top so it stands out.

-For a richer look use two shades of the same colour ink,  for example black and a gray.

Here are my stamping techniquesimage
A – The “Oops, wrong side of my stamp” technique was a happy accident… I used the wrong side of my block stamp and I love the way it turned out!  You can also use the bottom of a coffee cup or glass… don’t ask me how I know this.
B – I achieved the “Smudge” look by turning the page face down onto my stamp pad and tapping an area with the wrong end of a paintbrush. You can use a pencil, the paintbrush was handy for me.
C – Another happy accident, I call this technique “Crime Scene”… you might not want to use permanent ink for this one, just saying…
D – Similar to the “Smudge” but not as messy, I call this is the “Dusty” technique. Turn your ink pad face down and lightly touch the page with it. You can get as light or dark as you want.
E – Finally, this was easy, I put a strip of a page down before I stamped. I like the way it interrupts the stamp pattern so I think I’ll call it the “Interruptus” technique. 😉

Also, let’s not forget the “Edging” technique where we wipe the edges of the page directly on the stamp pad. This gives the look of burned edges without setting anything on fire. My helpful husband likes this idea.

Feel free to share your stamping techniques with me, and how you discovered them. 🙂