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So that’s me on the left, your left.  On my left is, well, you know who that is, no need to insult the man!  I am a middle-aged (if I live to be 112) woman who enjoys being crafty and crafting.

I am a retired floral designer and am usually the one that people ask to come “decorate their house” because they like the way I decorated mine.  Of course, they don’t realize that I’ve shopped countless garage sales, thrift stores, dumpsters and clearance shelves to get this fabulous look or that all my stuff is chipped, missing parts or plastic.  Having been a single mom with great taste was God’s way of keeping me humble.  I don’t know if it worked but He sure tried!

I am happily married to a helpful, wonderful and tolerant man and together we have four adult children.  Much to Drs. Phil and Laura’s dismay we met on the Internet, have a blended family and we all get along.  We stay together these days just to prove to them it can be done.

So, that’s about that… I hope you enjoy my site which is, by the way, completely organic and gluten-free.  Make yourself at home, share this with your friends and enjoy the fact that there aren’t any distracting ads and links that take to places you don’t want to go.  So let’s get started…











Experience and stuff:

Floral Designer 1977 – 2002

Became a Mom 1990

Floral Design Instructor  (College level) 1988 – 1991

Advertising 1991

Kicked Cancer’s Butt 1991

The Big D (not Dallas) 1995

Oklahoma Floral Designer of The Year – 2nd Place 1996

Oklahoma Floral Designer of the Year – 1st Place 1997

Ozark (AR, KA, MO, OK) Floral Designer of the Year – 1st place 1998

Moved from Tulsa to Ontario, Canada 2001

Married my Helpful Husband 2001

Became a Mom to 3 more children 2001

Crafts Instructor  (Day courses-College)  2001 – 2008

Floral Design Instructor (College level)  2003 – 2004

Crafter 1969 – 2014

Lost both my Parents 2014

Serious Crafter 2014 – current

Blogger 2015 – ?

Moving from Ontario, Canada to Tulsa October 30, 2015!!!