Kerry B. & Losing it

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I heard from an old friend yesterday, Kerry B.  Kerry and I grew up less than a city  image

away from each other in a small town much like Mayberry.  Folks didn’t lock their

doors at night, the kids caught lightening bugs at dusk and we minded our Mama

our dreaded the moment our Daddy came home.  It was a simpler time and I am

grateful to have grown up in it. <3

Like a lot of old friends do, Kerry and I drifted apart as we grew older.  She was a year or so younger and as we got in to junior high and high school our worlds became more distant.  We reconnected at a reunion a few years ago and the memories of our youth flooded my mind.  I remembered telling her that her baby doll was ugly and her bawling to the top of her lungs all the way home.  My Mother asked me what was wrong with her and, like a child, I lied through my teeth and said that I had no idea… I also remembered that Kerry didn’t like raw tomatoes, something that was almost a sin in our part of the world, but loved the tomato preserves her mom made that were sweet as candy.  That was just weird.

We hugged at the reunion and these memories of our childhood flooded my mind.  We laughed about her ugly baby yet I’m sure she didn’t remember that particular incident.  I doubt I would have but I had lied to my Mother and that made it noteworthy to me.  I asked her if she had ever grown to like raw tomatoes or did she still only like them in preserves.  This blew her mind!  How on earth could I remember that, she asked.  I had no idea.  Sure, it happened over forty years ago but yet, I remembered it like it happened week.  Which finally brings me to my point… Why on earth can I remember that Kerry B. didn’t like raw tomatoes over forty five years ago yet today I can walk into a room today and not have a clue why I’m there? :/

I can remember the last time that I threw up, which was in September of 1972, but not if we need ketchup when I’m at the grocery store.  I distinctly remember stepping on a tube of hand cream in 1963 and the sound it made when it hit the living room wall but I can’t remember if I locked the car door two hours after getting out of it.  Is this something I should be worried about?  Is my brain giving out?  Do I have the early stages of CRS?  Should scientists be checking out my brain to unlock this mystery?  Did I turn off the oven?  See!?!  There I go again!  This is probably serious!!!

I won’t point fingers but I’ve noticed that I’m not the only one with these symptoms.  A friend, who shall remain nameless, was going to name a category for me on my website yet neither she or I remember what category it was or even what was going in it!  And, look, it happened again, right there!  I rambled on and forgot to end a sentence!  Who ever heard of a sentence that contained thirty four words and two commas?

Yeah… I’m definitely loosing it, folks, but fortunately I’m not the only one.  With the development of social media and blogs, I feel that scientists will be able to pinpoint right down to the last word when we lost it and what the last cat video was we watched.  If anyone is counting, that last sentence had thirty six words.  I guess if I can realize I’m losing it then I still have some time before I’ve totally lost it.  One can only hope.








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