First and foremost, I am not a tightwad but I am frugal!  By making some things myself I can save money to buy other things.  Take for example these pumpkins.  I can make them for about .25 worth of materials!  By making them myself I can also make them any size and shape I need.  



10 inch round balloon  (I bought mine from Walmart.  They were much heavier than my dollar store balloons.) 

String or yarn  (I tried using jute, rope and string but my balloon kept popping.)

Smooth sided stone

Round cardboard base  (I used cardboard coasters I found at Dollar Tree.)

White Glue watered to the consistency of milk

Newspaper strips

Packing or Scotch tape


Step 1 Preparing the balloon:

-Place the stone inside the balloon. This will give your pumpkin added weight. (see image 1)

-Blow up the balloon to the size you want.

Preparing the base:

-Cover the cardboard base with packing tape so that it doesn’t get wet.

-Double a piece of tape over and place it on top of the base. This will help the balloon and base stay together. (see image 2)

-Cut 3 to 4 strips of tape for later use


Step 2

-Tie the yarn around the stem of the balloon leaving around 4 inches. (see image 3)

-Take the remaining yarn and go around the balloon, stopping at the bottom of the base to add a strip of tape.

-When you get back to the top of the balloon, wrap the yarn around the stem several times and then go around the balloon in the opposite direction.

-Wach time you go around the balloon, tape the yarn on the bottom of the base.

-Repeat this step until you are happy with the pumpkin and the yarn stays in place.

-Cut the excess yarn and tie the two loose pieces together.


Step 3

-Roll up a piece of the newspaper, this will be the pumpkin’s stem. (see image 4)

(I’m using some leftover party napkins from our daughter’s birthday)

-Secure it to the top of the balloon with a piece of tape.

-Tie it to the balloon using the ends of the yarn.  If you need more yarn, cut it, tie it to the balloon and continue.

-Cut off any excess yarn. (see image 5)


Step 4

-Paint on the glue and add the strips of newspaper. I started at the top of the balloon and and added several layers to the top half of the balloon first. (see image 6)

-Keep adding glue and newspaper until you have several layers.  DO NOT allow these to dry between layers if you want these pumpkins for this year.

-To do the bottom, rest the pumpkin upside down in a vase or pitcher after the top part has dried


Final Step

-After it is completely dry you can paint or prepare the pumpkin any way you like!

Have fun!

Terrie 🙂


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